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What is Butanuki?

💸 What is it for?

Butanuki is a recurring savings tool following the Dollar Cost Averaging model. DCA involves investing the same amount of money at regular intervals regardless of the state of the market.

Over the long term, this strategy makes it possible to "smooth out" volatility and thus reduce risk, while maximizing the amounts invested, since it follows the market curve.

In addition, it is an excellent tool for planning ahead the budget allocated to the investment, without being influenced by emotions. The budget remains fixed each month or week, according to your own means (the golden rule: only invest what you don't need in the short term, and can afford to lose!)

This method applies perfectly to Bitcoin, since the saver buys fractions of BTC (called "satoshis").

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🙋 Who is it for?

Anyone! Butanuki has been designed and built for savers, beginners or experienced, wishing to acquire BTC on a regular basis (DCA) without thinking about it, while maintaining maximum control of their funds. This is why bank payments as well as the delivery of your BTC are made without an intermediary. Your funds never go through Butanuki.

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⚙️ How does it work?

Butanuki works all by itself behind the scenes, to make saving simple for you.

You create one or more orders based on your savings needs and goals, then simply activate the deposits from your bank, and then receive your BTC directly to your private address.

With each payment received, the corresponding satoshis are purchased at market price and sent to your address.

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🔒 Why is Butanuki different?

Security of your funds
Butanuki never holds your BTC and never sees your money pass. The satoshis you buy are sent directly to your personal Bitcoin address or 'wallet', without going through Butanuki. Similarly, payments from your bank are transferred directly to Bity, without going through Butanuki.

Established in 2014, Bity is one of the oldest Bitcoin purchase services in Switzerland. Bity is a Swiss company audited by KPMG, and affiliated with a self-regulatory organization (SRO) officially recognized by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA). Its banking partner is Banque Cantonale de Neuchâtel.

You are in control
To interrupt your DCA plan, no need to contact us or Bity, you just have to suspend the permanent transfer at source with your bank. Likewise, your BTC are 100% under your control, in your own 'wallet', of which only you have the private keys.

Frequency of savings
Since you control the payments from your bank, you can easily modify them: an order will be executed automatically when you make your next transfer. This allows greater flexibility if you decide to speed up or slow down the frequency of orders directly via your e-banking.

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✅ How do I start?

Setting up Butanuki is very simple and only requires a few clicks

1. Connect Butanuki to your verified Bity account (*)
Login simply with an email address, you will receive a unique login link to access your personal Butanuki page, on which you can link your Bity account.

2. Set up your savings plan on Butanuki
On your personal page, you can then configure your piggy banks and their order(s). Each order contains its specific amount and specific BTC receiving address.

3. Create a standing order with your bank
Please carefully fill in all information, especially the communication field "bity.com XXXX-XXXX" as indicated on Butanuki and in the confirmation e-mail, so that your order can be correctly identified. You also choose the frequency of the DCA, for example weekly or monthly.

(*) Note: Verification of your account (KYC) with Bity is required by the Swiss financial authority FINMA. If you have not yet fully verified your Bity account, please note that this formality may take a few days.

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🎉 How much can I save?

It's entirely up to you to decide how much you want to save. The amount saved in CHF or EUR is your personal choice. There is no minimum or maximum amount.

As for the future value of satoshis acquired, unfortunately no one can predict the value of Bitcoin in 1 year or in 5 years. This is why the golden rule of any investment is to immobilize only what you will not need in the near future, and only what you can afford to lose (as if you were playing lottery). Recurring amounts obviously vary from person to person.

Generally, experience encourages saving BTC over at least 4-5 years to take advantage of Bitcoin's volatility, without suffering short-term consequences.

To get an idea of the accumulation of small sums over a long period, and at the same time calculate a hypothetical savings in Bitcoin with these sums, according to the market evolution and BTC exchange rates, we provide a simulator here.

(Warning: Past results DO NOT guarantee similar performance in the future!)

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🔍 How much does it cost?

Butanuki charges a 0.7% fee on your transactions. Added to the 0.8% Bity low commission, this means a total of 1.5%, which is the standard among Bitcoin savings services in Europe. There are no hidden fees.

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🧐 Any other questions?

All the answers will be on the help page.

Bitcoin: To protect against inflation

Bitcoin is a tool for long-term savings

You don't buy Bitcoin to get rich quick, but rather to avoid seeing your savings melt like snow in the sun...

Of course, everyone knows Bitcoin's exchange rate fluctuation, and its legendary volatility. But Bitcoin is not just a short-term speculative asset, it can also be a long-term savings tool.

“$100 a century ago is worth only $3.5 today. In Switzerland, the purchasing power of 100 francs in 1961 fell to 24.42 francs in February 2021. Due to inflation, today's Swiss household would have to hold 409.52 francs today to buy the same basket of only produced with 100 francs in 1961.”

Source: Le Temps

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